#portrait series (2020-)

What is contemporary art? As long as the most common way of viewing art today is through a display, they are just one of so many contents. Then, how about art performed in real space? When art is performed in real space, information acquired through displays are turned into facts that they were viewed, left as evidence, and shown to others. So they might just be checkpoints. This may sound ironic, however, when I portray the present age in the narrow field of art, drawing the meme itself is a pure act. This is because art is already a meme. No matter how valuable a work is, the number of it’s hashtag has transformed it into a new value. The project “#portrait series” presented at the “Ultra-Contemporary Art Exhibition” in August 2020, is a contemporary portrait series depicting hashtags of names of well-known artists. When you hold your smartphone over the "#" on the canvas, it responds to the NFC tag and it’s hashtag search screen on Instagram is displayed. At the same time as collecting the records of the facts viewed by people at museums and galleries around the world, each canvas is priced according to the number of posts and updated every midnight.

Design cooperation: Daichi Aijima
Technical direction: Hironori Kawaida

Spatial composition: Yoshida Yamar

Photo: Hidemasa Miyake

Supporter: Daisuke Katsura

Venue: Secret location, Tokyo

Date: Aug. 23-30, 2020