White Magazine (2019-)

Terminal data continues to grow, but there is no time to look back. Manufacturers announce new models every month, but support will end in a few years. What doesn't change, doesn't break, and doesn't need to be replaced? Where are the things that aren't new and that aren't old? White Magazine reinvents the discrepancy between archives and the body, data-driven society and privacy, and bits and atoms by introducing a discrete, reconstructing digital habit into the oldest recording medium, paper. It is an attempt to consider. In November 2019, it will be sold by subscription at EUKARYOTE (Gaienmae, Tokyo), and a blank magazine "File" consisting of pages for the number of days will be mailed to the purchaser's home on the day of the new moon every month. .. In addition, a case "Folder" that stores 12 books every year will be delivered regularly, and a "Disk" will be delivered every 10 years. However, in order to purchase this work, you need to complete the task of "spend an hour in the city without a smartphone".

Design cooperation: Daichi Aijima

Advisor: Tilmann Steffen Wendelstein and Hironori Kawaida

Assistant: Tatsumi Miyake

3D modeling for website: Ryosuke Sugimoto

Photo: Hidemasa Miyake

Supporter: Daisuke Katsura, Yusuke Suzuki, and Shunsuke Oyu

Venue: EUKARYOTE, Tokyo

Date: Dec. 3-25, 2019